A Journey to Develop a Company Culture…

The senior living industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Having a strong company culture can help staff members live out the company’s mission and values, especially as the senior living market gets more competitive. In this interview, vice president of Senior Living at John Knox Village, Maria Timberlake, discusses their company culture journey over the years. 

In Maria’s case, they wanted to have intentional strategies throughout the whole process. They accomplished this by having the frontline associates and senior executives meet in the middle to come up with a plan. Empowering all the employees to participate in the process ensures that the final plan can actually be lived out in practice. Maria noted that involvement from the frontline staff was integral to the process because they interact with the residents every day and have built the strongest relationships with the residents over the years. 

Check out the full interview to learn more about Maria’s story with building company culture that will last.


Together the team decided to describe their company culture with PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence). Having this plan in place has reinforced relationships between the management and associates and also between associates and residents. Ultimately, having a strong company culture has allowed for all staff to continue growing and learning. 

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