SuperHero in Training

Superheroes? Really? In the world of Food and Service in Senior Living?  

When someone asks you, “What are you going to study in college?”, you typically don’t hear “I am training for a career in food and service in senior living”.   However, what surprises many is that there are careers in senior living that can truly provide the personal and professional job satisfaction that we are all seeking.

Caleb Krenning, a manager at John Knox Village is inspiring as he relates his story of working in senior living through high school.  Caleb had the opportunity, while in high school, to make that connection to people through food and service in a senior living community.  After high school and a successful career in the restaurant side of the industry, he shifted over to senior living.  As a manager in a senior living community, Caleb discusses training and his view on being a life time learner.  As Caleb points out, training is constant as this industry has a consistent change factor, due to new regulatory standards, a need for efficiencies and for the simple fact that we all need to refresh our skill sets.

In this interview, Caleb points out how many individuals can enter this industry anytime and there is always time to complete formal training.  Whether that training means completing an academic degree or obtaining a certification for food safety.  Education and training are easily obtained in many different forms.  Caleb and his team are working with the Pineapple Academy to increase their culinary expertise and skill set(s) through online video education and training.  Not your traditional lecture or read the chapter for a quiz scenario. 

So, do I need a formal education to enter this industry? NO

Do I need to think on my feet?  YES

Do I want a career that will challenge and inspire me, both personally and professionally?  YES

Well, then it is time to don that SuperHero mentality. 

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