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We have gathered several lessons from the Pineapple Academy to create a FREE course to help prepare and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Please watch the videos below and share these resources to help keep you and your team safe during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Introduction to In-Room Dining

Length: 1:36

Learn the basics of in-room dining and understand the recommended COVID-19 food service protocols.

In-Room Dining Procedures

Length: 6:31

This lesson provides many COVID-19 food service protocols for safe and proper in-room dining procedures.

Proper Hand Washing

Length: 1:50

This lesson demonstrates the requirements of a hand washing station and how to properly wash your hands.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Length: 2:17

Learn best practice for keeping clean hands and avoid cross contamination while completing multiple tasks.

Gloving Cross Contamination

Length: 1:56

Learn how to avoid cross contamination when wearing gloves while managing multiple tasks.

Infection Prevention Best Practices

Length: 3:41

This lesson covers best practices for how to prevent infections in the workplace.

Being Part of a Team

Length: 4:29

Learn several attributes and skills to being a good team member in the food service industry.

Dress Code & Good Hygienic Practices

Length: 0:49

This lesson covers several focal points to professional dress and good hygienic practices.

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