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Group Training is the “easy button” to get everyone on the team up to speed FAST! We know that food and service operations need a helping hand right now. Recruitment needs and onboarding new staff are at an all-time high.  Management is stretched to deliver services to their customers.  New hires are jumping in but don’t always have the skills needed to perform their new jobs.  This leaves no time for one-on-one training.  The solution? Group Training by Pineapple Academy. 

Our Group Training Plans Include

Training is delivered in a group format so it’s easy to implement

Video courses teach the Essentials about food safety, cooking techniques, cleaning standards, customer service and regulatory compliance

Implementation Support: Guide to onboarding new team members; Schedule of recommended courses for each week of the year; Downloadable sign-in sheets to document participation; A quiz and answer guide for each video

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Sneak Peak: Group Training Course on Fire Safety

Group Training Available:

Foodservice, Essentials

Training Series Included:
  • Foodservice Fundamentals for Onboarding
  • Front of the House Training
  • Back of the House Training
  • Environmental Services Training
  • Foodservice Weekly Standup Training
  • EVS Weekly Standup Training

Group Training Details

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Hear from Our Customers

“I loved it because it’s such short videos. Coming from a non-culinary background, I was able to onboard quickly.”
– Elizabeth Shifflet, Assistant Analyst

“What I love about Pineapple Academy is I don’t have to pull my workers out of the kitchen for 8 hours to be Serve Safe trained. It saves me time if my employees can watch a few 5 minute videos.”
– Felicia Smith, Director of Hospitality