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New Releases from Pineapple Academy


We are pleased to announce the release of our Puree Program training series. Our two industry experts, Chef Ron Sabatini, CEC and Marissa Chiapperino, RD will guide you through this program.

The topics covered in this training series include:
  • Understanding the Basics of a Purée Program 
  • How to Purée Meat, Poultry, Fish and Eggs
  • How to Purée Starches, Vegetables and Fruit 
  • Best Practices for Purée Plating

Check out the trailer video for the Puree Program here! 


We are pleased to release several new topics that address some of the challenges faced by Human Resources as we work through recruiting, onboarding, and retaining our teams in a POST COVID environment. This is a three-part course within our Management Development Series that is hosted by our two industry experts, Chef Greg Gorgone, CDM, CFPP and Jay Zweibaum. 

The topics covered in this training series include:
  • Finding the Right Future Team Member
  • The Onboarding Process
  • Building & Retaining a Great Team

This course is Dining with Dignity and part of our Management Development series. You will learn 10 overall best practices to maximize the dining experience in your community. Whether your dining rooms are open, or you are serving residents in their rooms, this course will give you ideas to take your dining services to the next level. Please see our introduction video below.

Hear from Our Customers

  • 5
    Pineapple Academy makes learning fun. It's about wanting to take the training, not having to take the training.
    Amira T. Fahoum
    Compass Senior Living, Education and Programs Leader
  • 5
    The Pineapple Academy team gets it.  They fill a need for the dining world, especially in the healthcare arena.
    Todd Hollander
    John Knox Village, Director of Dining Services & Events
  • 5
    I found the material was presented in a manner that was easy to understand no matter your level of education.
    Jason Guthrie
    The Timbers/ Summit Villa Memory Care
  • 5
    I look forward to seeing my team improve and become more competent in their roles as we push out more of the modules to them.
    Felicia Smith, CDM CFPP MHA
    Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Director of Hospitality Services