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Learn On the Go

Pineapple Academy’s proprietary micro-training strategy focuses on the mobility of the deskless workforce and brings learning to their existing workflow.

Micro-Training Structure


Micro-Training Course


Training Topic


Training Series

Micro-Training Course

Like songs in a playlist, micro-training courses are the building blocks of our training which can be grouped together to achieve a larger, overall training objective.

  • 5-Minute or less skills demonstration video(s)
  • Optional: Supporting documents (pdf)
  • Optional: Quiz
  • Example: How to Steel and Sharpen a Knife

Numerous evidence-based studies support the idea that the highest level of learner retention, engagement and overall effectiveness comes from providing learners with short bites of information.

Training Topic

Time is limited when it comes to ongoing training, and designing a training program to fit into a day of unpredictable interruptions is almost impossible. Pineapple Academy takes the guesswork out of training with our hassle-free “playlists” known as training topics.

  • Suggested weekly training assignment
  • Specific group of micro-training courses
  • Total training time of 50-Minutes or less
  • Example: Kitchen Basics

#1 key to a successful training implementation is to make training a priority. Our recommended best practice for all operators is to allow their team members to use the first 10 minutes (or less) immediately after clocking in for the shift to complete their micro-training assignment. Training topics make it easy to do a little each day.

Training Series

For operators who prefer the “plug and play” option, or to assist those who are designing a micro-training program for the first time, our turnkey solution, known as a Training Series, is just for you!

  • A collection of courses organized by topic to achieve a specific training goal
  • Continuing Education hours are available at the Training Series level for Certified Dietary Managers with the individual training format
  • Example: Job Role Training – Cook

There are many applications for a training series, including job role training, career development programs, segment specific regulatory compliance solutions, company and department-level onboarding… the possibilities are endless.

Micro-Training Structure

Group Training

Our fast, effective, and easy-to-execute solution for onboarding and developing your workforce. Group Training is a no cost, value-add bonus resource, perfect for using at your standups, pre-shift meetings, or in a classroom setting to train many team members quickly. This instructor-led training format utilizes Pineapple Academy’s micro-training videos, and we provide supporting documents  for instructors (Attendance Sheets, Quizzes and Answer Keys). Follow our recommended training line-up to give your team the essential tools for success and provide a culture of continuous learning.

Click to access our current Group Training lineup.


Individual Training

Personalized training at your fingertips. Learn at your own pace and track your progress with Pineapple Academy’s Individual Training. This option gives organizations the ability to offer employees the training needed to be successful in their job role, as well as upskilling and cross-training opportunities. It’s a win-win scenario with operational improvements for the employer and an educational path to career advancement for the employee. As an added benefit, Certified Dietary Managers can earn CE hours that count toward their requirements for recertification.

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