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Modern training solutions for the mobile workforce.

Capture, create, and share knowledge with your deskless workforce using the first-ever frontline training platform built by operators, for operators.  




learning reimagined

Teach your frontline workforce the skills they need without interrupting their workflow, with training accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time.

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How it Works

Let's face it: traditional workforce training is outdated, inefficient, and un-engaging. With 80% of the world's workforce now performing a deskless job, we need a new way forward. Pineapple Academy delivers bite-sized content in a 5-minute-or-less blended learning format, breaking down the forgetting curve and ensuring long-lasting results. Learn more.


1.) Choose or Create

Choose from over 1000 ready-to-use skills training videos or courses from a variety of publishers in our Microlearning Marketplace. Or, use our platform, Piña, to create and upload your own training content.


2.) Share and Stream

Reduce knowledge gaps with seamless training access. Share links with your employees, print and post QR codes in their existing workflow, or integrate our training into your learning management system (LMS).


3.) Track Results

Monitor individual learner progress and track team success with our usage dashboard, broken down by a variety of user metrics. Generate professional reports for additional tracking needs.


First impressions matter.

Boost new hire retention

We know firsthand how turnover impacts operations. New hires are 82% more likely to stay with a standardized onboarding process in place. Whether hiring a seasoned veteran or someone new to your industry, get operators job-ready 40% faster than instructor-led training. Get access to 1000+ industry-curated courses and videos and customize the experience for each job role, or easily create, upload, and stream your own training using our Piña platform.

Create confident operators

Consistency is key. Give operators the ability to feel confident in their duties with engaging, visual learning experiences that teach them core job skills.

Ensure safety and success

Reduce or eliminate costly workplace incidents with highly-trackable safety training available to stream on any device, anywhere, at any time. Maximize product and software adoption with simple, quick, and effective training resources straight from the source.


Access knowledge and build upon it.

When to use courses

We believe in the power of training courses and videos... and knowing when is best to use each. Courses are a combination of digital assets made up of 5-minute or less skills training videos that may also include PDF's, knowledge checks, and certificates. Courses are perfect for self-paced, individual learning where tracking matters most.

When to use videos

We believe in the power of training courses and videos... and knowing when is best to use each. Videos help offset the Forgetting Curve, especially for new hires experiencing information overload. Provide access to videos to help trigger their memory when they need a reminder. Videos can also help create simple, consistent pre-shift huddles with your team each week to align goals and improve operations.

Application and use cases

Our training approach has a number of applications, including Onboarding, Annual Retraining, Group Training & Weekly Huddles, Upskilling, Cross-Training, Career Pathing, and Time of Need training for product, equipment, and technology.

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Answers when employees need them.

Reduce manager interruptions

Managers have enough to do without answering the same questions every day. And employees shouldn't have to search for information they need to do their job. Download, print and place QR codes right in their existing workflow for seamless access, or share directly through a link on any device.

Create your own training

Capture and document your organization's tribal knowledge by creating and uploading your training, transforming expertise into engaging, memorable video lessons that can be quickly consumed and retained by learners.

Video cropping & editing services

Remove the guesswork with crop and trim video editing right inside the platform, or add video editing services to your plan. With the add-on, users can record and send content on a smartphone and we’ll deliver a short, edited version in up to 17 different languages.


Results you'll want to show your boss.

Easy admin dashboard

Easily manage your team through our internal dashboard. Upload and create learners, assign access codes for password-less access to training, preview and share content, or use the authoring tool to create your own video or course.

Report your team's progress

Easily generate reports that showcase individual or team progress. Plus, Quarterly Business Reviews with our Customer Success team help you get the most out of your subscription.

Monitor feedback

Track your return on Pineapple Academy training by comparing onboarding times, training completion rates, training satisfaction scores, learner feedback, and more.

Your success is our success

Other e-learning platforms don't care about your usage. We're different. Get monthly Knowledge Sharing Reports showing views and company impact in your inbox, work closely with your dedicated account manager on implementation and ongoing success, and take advantage of our suite of professional services to make the most out of your training plan.

A subscription like no other. 

While other learning platforms focus on logins, Pineapple Academy's usage-based plans are all about the amount of knowledge shared with learners.

Pay only for what you need. Add more time whenever you need it.

*Video views and storage based on 3.5 minute average video length* 


For smaller organizations with 50 or fewer employees.


  • ✅ Microlearning Marketplace
  • ✅ Usage Dashboard
  • ✅ Up to 5,000 Video Views
  • ✅ 5 Hrs Admin Video Streaming
  • ✅ Create & Upload Content Storage for up to 25 Custom Training Videos
  • ⬇️ Add to any plan: Additional Streaming Hours, Video Editing Services, Other Professional Services
Learn More

For mid-sized teams with around 150 employees.


  • ✅ Microlearning Marketplace
  • ✅ Usage Dashboard
  • ✅ Up to 20,000 Video Views
  • ✅ 10 Hrs Admin Video Streaming
  • ✅ Create & Upload Content Storage for up to 100 Custom Training Videos
  • ⬇️ Add to any plan: Additional Streaming Hours, Video Editing Services, Other Professional Services
Learn More

For large teams of 300 employees or more.


  • ✅ Microlearning Marketplace
  • ✅ Usage Dashboard
  • ✅ Up to 60,000 Video Views
  • ✅ 15 Hrs Admin Video Streaming
  • ✅ Create & Upload Content Storage for up to 200 Custom Training Videos
  • ⬇️ Add to any plan: Additional Streaming Hours, Video Editing Services, Other Professional Services
Learn More

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Learner Ratings

User feedback speaks the loudest. We boast an average learner rating of 4.65 out of 5!

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Still not convinced? Here’s what our amazing customers are saying about us:


"Hiring and training are my most difficult challenges. We just don't have the right tools to train people properly. With Pineapple Academy, it alleviates a lot of the work for us."

Rick Bishop, Food Service Director

"What I love about Pineapple Academy is I don't have to pull my workers out of the kitchen for 8 hours to be trained. It saves me time if my employees can watch a few 5 minute videos."

Felicia Smith, Director of Hospitality

"Pineapple Academy makes you more confident learning from actual experts. Even with all the years of experience I've had, I feel like I'm always learning new things with Pineapple."

Jeremy Leaders, Restaurant Server

"The videos were short, simple, and basic. It's exactly what we needed!"

Toni Watkins, System Food, Nutrition & Environmental Services Director

"I loved it because it's such short videos. Coming from a non-culinary background, I was able to onboard quickly."

Elizabeth Shifflet, Assistant Analyst


Boring training ends here.

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