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Our Team

Tucker 700x600

Tucker Graves

CEO and Co-Founder

Tucker grew up in the foodservice industry, first working at his family’s food distribution business serving 4 states in the Midwest. From there he went on to start several restaurants and cafes in Kansas City where he learned foodservice operations. Always the entrepreneur, he later went on to create a company to help serve the independent Senior Living Communities with a new model of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Tucker found his passion in helping caregivers manage their communities through cost management services and providing foodservice operations with the tools to improve patient and resident satisfaction. He understood that Hospitality and Culinary Arts are the cornerstones of a successful culture in healthcare communities. Tucker enjoys being personally involved with our clients in coaching them in their overall Business Strategy, Staff Learning & Development Strategies, Marketing Strategies and any other creative demands they dream up.

Greg 700x600

Greg Gorgone

President and Co-Founder

Greg has been working on hospitality, healthcare and restaurant development projects for over 15 years. Prior to that, he worked for over 14 years in hotel and resort management positions from Restaurant Manager to Banquet Manager to Hotel General Manager.  He is an experienced coach and consultant whose goal is to improve foodservice in Healthcare through a holistic approach by enhancing employee engagement, process improvement, kitchen and dining room design and proper investment. Greg is a former Executive Chef and Chef Instructor at Johnson and Wales University.

Bruce 700x600

Bruce Fingles

Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Fingles brings the experience of a seasoned Silicon Valley executive to Pineapple Academy. He has over 25 years of experience leading Information Technology, Customer Services and Operations for both public and private tech companies, including seven successful exits. He thrives on building value through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial strategy. Bruce is passionate about the customer journey and bringing creative solutions to old problems.  He also loves cooking, a great game of golf, and a smooth single malt scotch whiskey. Bruce is the author of the novel Dillon's Dilemma.

Scott 700x600

Scott Pucket

Chief Information Officer

Scott brings 20 years of experience in software engineering and architecture, as well as 8 years of project management and digital marketing. He oversees all of the Pineapple Academy’s technology initiatives, as well as supports our clients in developing business processes and automation. With Scott’s help, our goal at Pineapple Academy is to provide a “best-in-class” client experience when it comes to satisfying the needs of the individual. A flexible, easy-to-use solution is always our strategy when it comes to our clients’ technology needs.

Mark 700x600

Mark Modlin

Vice President of Sales

Mark Modlin is an entrepreneur, a former CEO and Founder in the realms of foodservice, healthcare, and senior living, who has a noteworthy track record of steering companies to angel and seed round investments. With 8 years of sales experience across a variety of industries, Mark excels in sales, sales strategy, and partnerships, with an expertise in leveraging data to optimize growth strategies and minimize risks. Mark's passion for collaboration and fostering mutual success between organizations extends to both his professional life and free time. Personally, he indulges in his love for craftsmanship, particularly fashion, as well as cigars and Formula 1 racing.

Sam 700x600

Samantha LoChiano Brooks

Production Manager

Samantha has a heart for hospitality, training others for success, production, and foodservice. Raised in her family’s retail and restaurant businesses, she acquired these valuable foundations from a very young age. The belief that “anything worth doing is worth doing well” drives Samantha to strive for excellence in all she does. With more than 20 years of experience and a diverse background in event planning, production, marketing, and serving others, she knows what it takes to put together a top-notch production and enjoys every aspect of the process. The ability to see the big picture and pay attention to the smallest details are keys for successfully creating engaging content and effectively delivering the intended message to our customers. Her knowledge and experience translate perfectly to align her strengths, skills and passions to support all that we do.

Daniel 700x600

Daniel Herzog

Director of Marketing

Daniel knew at an early age that he wanted to work in a creative world. For the last 14 years he has been working as a commercial video producer. He spent the first 6 years of his career as a documentary photographer for the Moscow Ballet before becoming their creative content producer. In the last 7 years he has utilized these skills in the form of social media marketing and lifestyle storytelling. Daniel takes a creative approach with a “think outside the box” mentality when tackling any creative decision.


Mark Catanzaro

Director of Customer & Partner Success

With over 23 years of expertise in Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and Aviation, Mark brings transformational leadership to technology firms. Over the past few years, Mark drove strategic customer success growth models within 4 tech start-ups. Leveraging his dedication to People, Process, and Technology, he guides clients through industry best practices while advocating with stakeholders, ensuring the execution of high-priority deliverables.

Dan 700x600

Dan McIsaac

Content Marketing Manager

Dan has been working as a digital storyteller in the world of marketing since 2015, with a strong set of skills rooted in project management, creative writing, social media strategy and growth, public relations, video production and more. With a diverse background ranging from foodservice, retail, healthcare, training and beyond, Dan takes a unique and creative ‘people-first’ approach to helping organizations bring the right message to their target audience.


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