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Join Our Partner Network

Pineapple Academy continually strives to seek out partners who support the importance of solving problems through innovative training solutions. To learn more about how our partnership program could help your business grow and innovate, please fill out the form below.

Who do we partner with?

We're always looking to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations seeking to lead frontline industries by fostering a culture of continuous learning and team development, ultimately driving operational success. Our extensive network primarily spans across experience-based dining, including Hospitality, Senior Living and Healthcare, Ed-Tech, and Education. However, our partnerships are dynamic, continually expanding and adapting to align with emerging business verticals.

Why partner with us?

Ever seen the equation, 1 + 1 = 3? Your business services combined with the power of Pineapple Academy creates a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Pineapple Academy's solutions extend to various sectors grappling with high turnover workforces, such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation/distribution, education, and others.

Our partnerships are designed not only to refer business services to a similar network of customers but also to align overall goals and leverage services that enhance your team's operational success and benefit all stakeholders within your company. Get paid when someone you refer signs up for Pineapple Academy, or bundle your services with ours and become a force of change within the industry.

Which type of partner am I?

Referral Partner

Referral Partners introduce a prospect to Pineapple Academy and supports our sales team in facilitating the prospect's subscription sign-up with Pineapple Academy.

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Reseller Partners play a crucial role in expanding market reach, enhancing customer relationships, and providing additional value to both Pineapple Academy and customers.

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Solutions Partner

Solutions Partners share our mission to advance the world’s workforce through education and provide a solution to advance our customers’ needs in specific facets of their organization. 

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Content Creator

Coming in late 2024, Content Creators will be able to join our public marketplace of knowledge sharing. Eligible creators will be invited to create and share content in the Microlearning Marketplace, receiving a payout when others stream their content.

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Get started.

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pineapple Academy Solutions Partner?

A solutions partner is a member of a network who share Pineapple Academy’s mission to advance the world’s workforce through education.

What is a Pineapple Academy Success Partner?

A Referral Partner who refers three new deals to Pineapple Academy becomes eligible to apply as a Success Partner. Success Partners serve as an extension of Pineapple Academy's service offerings, supporting customers' success in utilizing our product. Consider Success Partners as Pineapple Academy’s professional services offering.

What is a Pineapple Academy Referral Partner?

A Referral Partner is an individual or organization that introduces a prospect to Pineapple Academy and supports our sales team in getting a contract signed for Pineapple Academy services.

Who is typically a Pineapple Academy Referral Partner?

Referral Partners are individuals or organizations with connections to numerous other organizations characterized by large workforces, often engaged in hands-on learning environments and are experiencing high staff turnover.

What's the value in becoming a Pineapple Academy Referral Partner?

Pineapple Referral partners are rewarded for each deal they introduce to Pineapple Academy. A deal constitutes a specific opportunity to engage with Pineapple’s PIÑA platform and/or content marketplace.

How are Referral Partners compensated?

All Pineapple Academy Referral Partners are independent representatives of Pineapple Academy. A Referral Partner will receive a commission of 10% on the gross revenue of each deal's first 12 months after discounts. Deals encompass all services provided to customers, including subscriptions and professional services.

Do Pineapple Academy Referral Partners receive the full commission upfront or overtime?

Payments to Pineapple Academy Referral Partners are directly linked to the payment frequency selected by the customer. Customers have the option to prepay for their subscriptions annually, quarterly, or monthly. Discounts are provided for annual and quarterly payment frequencies.

How does the commission schedule work?

Upon receiving payment from the referred customer associated with a deal referred to Pineapple Academy by a Referral Partner, Pineapple Academy will send payment electronically through any automated system by the 15th of the following month.

Can a referred organization have multiple deals?

Yes, an example of multiple deals is a current customer who has one contract for their foodservice and environmental services departments and is now entering into a second contract for their plant operations department.

What is the typical sales cycle for Pineapple Academy subscriptions?

The size and urgency of the organization significantly impacts the sales cycle. Pineapple Academy has closed deals in as little as a week, and as long as a year. We continually refine our processes to ensure the quickest sales cycle possible, without compromising long-term customer retention.

Can I get access to the system to try it out or use it as a demo to my referral network?

Yes. To set up a free trial account for your organization, please contact mark.catanzaro@pineappleacademy.com. During the initial meeting, his team will provide a quick tutorial on how to use the system. Additionally, we provide marketing and sales assets for partners to use when discussing Pineapple Academy with prospects.

Can I upload my own content to the Pineapple Academy Marketplace and sell it to those companies I refer?

Yes. Through a separate process with Pineapple Academy, you can apply to become a content provider in our Public Marketplace. For more details, see the Content Provider criteria in our service agreement, linked in the legal footer at the bottom of the page.

How much could I expect to make by referring Pineapple Academy?

The average commission from a referral to the Pineapple Academy sales team results in a payout of $1,700 per deal. Additionally, many of our customers are establishing multiple deals. Please reach out to Mark Catanzaro at mark.catanzaro@pineappleacademy.com for a more detailed breakdown.

What happens if a current customer leaves and then wishes to come back to Pineapple Academy as a result of Pineapple Referral Partner?

After 90 days of terminating their subscription, any former Pineapple customer becomes eligible as a new deal for referral partners.

How do I ensure the deal is mine and not available to other Referral Partners?

All deals must be registered with Pineapple Academy through the Partner Portal (link at the top of the page). Please refer to the Pineapple Academy Service Terms page for terms and conditions for deal registration.

How long is a registered deal good for?

All registered deals are valid for 90 days and can be renewed with proof of activity. Each deal requires renewal. For details on the renewal process, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Who are typically the decision makers in organizations looking to use Pineapple Academy?

Operations is typically the key decision maker for using Pineapple Academy. However, buyers can be found across various departments, including Marketing, Sales, and HR. It's also essential to involve IT, as Pineapple Academy requires internet access and an approved device, preferably mobile, for users to access the content.

How do I learn more?

Contact our Director of Customer & Partner Success, Mark Catanzaro, at mark.catanzaro@pineappleacademy.com to learn more.

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