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Custom Course Production

 Designed To Meet Your Specific

Micro-Training Needs

How It Works


We begin the instructional design process with a conversation to better understand the goals for your project. What are your training objectives? What assets would you like to have developed: training videos, PDF documents, courses? We will also discuss training requirements, such as talent, location and final delivery.


Next, our team coaches you in developing your curriculum and course outline. Then we put together a timeline and proposal which covers revisions, pricing, and deliverables. We will also request any branding collateral to ensure accuracy in the final product.


Then, our video production team films, edits, and brands your custom videos and supporting marketing collateral according to Pineapple Academy standards, while our instructional design team creates your custom training courses and prepares them for delivery via SCORM 1.2 files.

** All intellectual property rights are assigned to your organization.

Experience Makes the Difference

Our unique advantage in developing training is our experience in making it both relevant and easy to understand for the deskless employees. A few key differentiators in our process are:
  • 5-Minute or less training design
  • Fundamentals first approach
  • Taught by subject matter experts
  • Filming is done live on location

Examples of Our Work

Lakeside’s sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow’s challenges and elevate the strategic value of foodservice in your facility. Lakeside’s team understands all types of foodservice environments – K-12, colleges and universities, B&I, healthcare, hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, etc. We can help by providing you innovative, sustainable and efficient foodservice equipment combined with extensive online resources to ultimately help enhance your customer’s experiences!
Cutting Vedge celebrates veggie forward at its roots. Proud to be veggie forward, we are on a mission to transform the nutrient-rich artichoke into a new world of delicious food possibilities. So, we partnered with chefs to unlock a world of flavor, through real ingredients that deliver on taste and texture.
Kitchens of India offers authentic gourmet Indian cuisine driven by tradition. Every bit will transport you to the heart of India from the comfort of your own home. From daily treats to gourmet delights, our range of traditional Indian food captures the best of Indian cuisine. Perfected by the Master Chefs of ITC hotels, these culinary gems originate from recipes passed down through generations using traditional cooking methods.
Lyons develops and markets quality products with innovative packaging to meet the needs of our primary divisions: Foodservice, Ingredient, and International. Our Foodservice division offers products including toppings, sauces, juices, syrups, healthcare items and much more. Our Ingredients division provides fruit and flavor preparations designed for use in frozen desserts, cultured, or beverage productions. Our International division serves customers all over the world while recognizing and making appropriate modifications to flavor profiles, functionally and packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the pricing for services?

Filming, first round edits, one revision of edits, completed minutes of video.

What is not included in the pricing?

Production prices do not include applicable taxes, which are the responsibility of the customer and will be included on the invoice if levied by the applicable state. The direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred while completing this project, such as travel, hotel accommodations, car rentals, meals, rental fees, talent fees and other travel expenses not specifically identified, printing, deliveries, etc. are not included in the cost of the basic services and shall be reimbursed by the Client.

How is pricing delivered?

A pricing estimate will be created based on the terms of custom production agreement and the scope of work established in Exhibit A, and the estimate will be delivered by email.

How is billing handled?

Upon acceptance of the estimate, the Client will be sent an invoice by email for the initial deposit, and a separate invoice once the project is complete. Reimbursable expenses will be invoiced at cost with no additional markup.

When is payment due?

A deposit of 50% is required to execute the contract. Once the content is edited and approved by the Client, an invoice for the remaining balance due will be delivered to the Client with the final product. Reimbursable expenses are due upon receipt.

How many revisions are standard?

It is common to have one or two revisions. Pre-production planning helps to keep this number minimal.

How long does it take to produce custom content?

Production time varies by the project and client. Post-production time is typically 3 to 6 weeks.

Does Pineapple Academy provide the talent?

The Client can provide the talent for their custom production project, or Pineapple Academy can provide talent if requested by the Client. Fees for talent are not included in the pricing for basic custom production services.

Who owns the final content?

Any production work performed by Pineapple Academy is being created at the insistence of the Client and shall be deemed “work made for hire” under the U.S. copyright law and belong exclusively to Client.

How is the final product delivered?

The final product is delivered in the method preferred by the Client. 

What does the production legal agreement look like?

The Custom Production Agreement can be viewed here.