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Scan. Stream. Learn.

Simple, Quick, and Effective training
when employees need it most

Workflow Matters

Having a training platform is awesome. Making employees chase down the info they need is not.

Pineapple Academy gives frontline staff instant access to stream skills-based demonstration videos on ANY device, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, giving leaders the ability to autonomously develop their workforce and reduce manager interruptions. 

How It Works

For Admins: Browse training content from our ready-to-use microlearning library and share it through unique links or QR codes, integrating learning right into your employee's workflow.

For Learners: Scan the code using any mobile device and enter your assigned Access ID to stream the video, eliminating the need for user logins.


Perfect for:
  • Equipment-specific training
  • Reducing manager interruptions
  • Relaying team communications
  • Tracking employee development
  • And much more!
Create Your Own Content

Standardize operations, upskill your staff, and reduce slowdowns with messaging straight from inside your organization.  Pineapple Academy makes it easy to create, upload, and stream your own video training content. Tell us what you'd like to create and we'll help make it happen!