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Recruiting Quality Staff in a Post-Covid Environment

As many operations continue to reopen, or whether your operation has continued to operate but in a different capacity, the one common thread that our industry shares is the challenge of recruiting, onboarding and retaining those team members.  

Two of our industry experts share their experience with team recruiting in this podcast “Recruiting in a Post COVID Environment”.  Hospitality and industry expert, Jay Zweibaum, shares an international perspective in leading teams and operations in both front of the house and back of the house.  Greg Gorgone, Co-Founder of the Pineapple Academy, weighs in on leading teams and recruiting.

The Pineapple Academy, has released a Human Resources Management series that has three Curated course lists that cover recruiting, onboarding and retention.  These curated course lists provide training through the Pineapple Academy standard of training of short less than five minute videos.  

Enjoy this podcast from your friends at Pineapple Academy!

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