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Subscription Plans and Pricing

Pineapple Custom Training Plan

For operators looking for a custom solution to meet their specific, unique needs
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Subscription Includes

  • Everything in Pineapple Core Training Plan
  • Custom Training Design
  • Custom Training Production
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Onboarding & Support

Subscription Plans Explained

Group Trainer License

Access: On Piña

Details: A group trainer license is designed for instructor-led training. The group trainer license is typically assigned to a manager, supervisor, or specified trainer in your organization. Included in this training format are downloadable PDFs for quizzes, answer guides, and attendance sheet.

Individual Trainee License

Access: On Piña or SCORM 1.2 compliant learning management systems

Details: Individual trainee license is designed for the development of your individual team members. Each license can be switched out with another user without the need to purchase another license.

My Activity Reporting

Access: On Piña

Details: Provides students access to Pineapple Points, badges, course completions, and earned certificates.

Available in SCORM 1.2

Access: SCORM 1.2 Compliant learning management systems

Details: SCORM provides the communication method and data models that allow e-learning content and learning management systems to work together. SCORM 1.2 is the most widely accepted version of SCORM and works with most learning management systems.

Accessible on Piña

Access: On

Details: Pineapple Academy’s proprietary free learning platform.

Team Member Recognition

Access: On Piña

Details: Provides organization access to Pineapple Leaderboard, which tracks course completions through Pineapple Points system. Users are also awarded badges and certificates for training series completions.

Team Management

Access: On Piña

Details: Provides administrators access to hierarchy team management, ability to restrict content, assign deadlines, and team progress reporting.

Certified Dietary Manager CEs

Access: On Piña

Details: Identifies which training series have been approved for CE’s for Certified Dietary Managers. Also includes downloadable certificate with approval information necessary to earn credit. CE certificates are only available on individual trainee licenses for purchased subscriptions. Not available in the 14-day free trial.

Custom Training Design

Access: On Piña or SCORM 1.2

Details: For enterprise customers looking to design a training plan to meet their specific needs.

Custom Training Production

Access: On Piña or SCORM 1.2

Details: For customers looking to produce custom training content.

Custom Integrations

Details: Depending on your specific integration we can provide you with an estimate to support your specific needs.

Custom Onboarding & Support

Details: Depending on your specific needs we will recommend one of our customer success managers. Our success manager support services include implementation, ongoing monitoring of Pineapple Academy training and other professional services.