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Our Training Solution


Pineapple Academy’s commitment to educational excellence is centered around delivering skills training in 5 minutes or less. This unique approach is based upon research that supports the highest level of learner retention and engagement.

Our Approach

Simple, easy and fun. Get the information you need in less time and apply it right away. The building blocks to our training are outlined here.


Our courses are 5 minutes or less, making learning easy and enjoyable.


Provide training on a single subject matter. (E.g., Gloving Selection, Parts of a Knife, Use of Spray Bottles)


Multiple courses compiled together to provide more in-depth training on a broader subject matter. (E.g., Preparing Hot Foods)


Two or more related topics combined under one overarching theme form a training series. (E.g., Culinary Basics, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning)

Access Through Technology

Our platform,, delivers an all-in-one training solution to help advance your hospitality culture.


View courses or upload them into your organization’s e-Learning platform*.


Ensure training comprehension through skills


See your transcript in the My Activity section. View and download earned Continuing Education certificates and Pineapple Academy certificates.


See training activity and perform administrative functions, such as manage subscriptions, run usage reports and more.

The Pineapple Academy Experience

See our Pineapple Path to Learning for an overview of what you or your organization can expect when training with Pineapple Academy.

Step 1: Video Based Training

Included with All Subscription Plans

Watch and learn what you need to know in 5 minutes or less on any device! Each video course is informative and engaging, featuring demonstrations and discussions by industry experts.

Step 2: Knowledge Check

Included with All Subscription Plans

Following each video is a short quiz that you must pass to move forward. For incorrect answers, you will be provided additional attempts assisted by a brief video playback of that section.

Step 3: Competency Checks

Included only with the Business Plan

Once a team member has completed a set of courses, they are eligible to participate in a skills demonstration witnessed by a Pineapple Mentor at your location. To ensure every skill is properly demonstrated, the requirements of each competency check are outlined in a unique checklist provided to the Mentor.

Step 4: Pineapple Academy Certification

Included only with the Business Plan

Upon successful completion of the courses and competency checks in each training series, team members are qualified to receive a Pineapple Academy Certificate. Each certificate has a unique, verifiable code and electronic record of completion to indicate that the team member is now Pineapple Academy Certified.

Amy Bollam, Registered Licensed Dietitian

Hear from Our Customers

  • 5
    Pineapple Academy makes learning fun. It's about wanting to take the training, not having to take the training.
    Amira T. Fahoum
    Compass Senior Living, Education and Programs Leader
  • 5
    The Pineapple Academy team gets it.  They fill a need for the dining world, especially in the healthcare arena.
    Todd Hollander
    John Knox Village, Director of Dining Services & Events
  • 5
    I found the material was presented in a manner that was easy to understand no matter your level of education.
    Jason Guthrie
    The Timbers/ Summit Villa Memory Care
  • 5
    I look forward to seeing my team improve and become more competent in their roles as we push out more of the modules to them.
    Felicia Smith, CDM CFPP MHA
    Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Director of Hospitality Services