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Simple, Quick and Effective Training at the Time of Need

Imagine a world where on-demand learning is accessible at the touch of a button. Pineapple Academy has paved the way for frontline staff to instantly access skills-based demonstration videos on ANY device, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, developing your workforce and increasing productivity.

How It Works:

Download and utilize a QR code for on-demand training opportunities, or simply use our unique embeddable links to integrate learning directly into your organization’s current software. Perfect for:

  • Equipment-Specific Training
  • Digital Checklists
  • Point of Sale Workflow
  • Menu Planning
  • And a lot more!

Standardize operations, upskill your entire staff, and reduce slowdowns with messaging straight from the source. Ready to bring your training to life? Pineapple Academy has partnered with FUZE to offer a variety of affordable, customized production services for subject-matter experts who are ready to bring their message directly to the end-user.

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Contact us about custom QR codes for on-demand training by completing this form, or send an email to production@pineappleacademy.com

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